10 Must-Haves for Wilderness Survival

When you spend time outdoor fly fishing or camping your survival depends on having the following basic gear with you. Although these items will hardly provide any comfort to you, they will keep you alive. Of course, you can add or skip any of these items to suit your specific needs. As you gain more experience, you will begin to learn what does and doesn't work for you, and can adjust accordingly.


Knife Kent-Klewein

This is the most important thing of all, as it can be used in a number of ways in every day camp activities. Consider keeping a pocket knife on you for everyday use. Opt for fixed blade knives as they are more durable and resilient than folding ones. Using such a knife you will be able to cut large objects like branches. A folding knife will be ideal for a backup.


Cordage Kent-Klewein

Rope is also a must have for camping. We recommend bringing 550 parachute cord which is lightweight, strong, and won't occupy much space in your back pack. To ensure a tight hold on walking sticks or fixed bladed knives the 550 paracord should be made wet. Wearing a paracord bracelet is also helpful. Cord can be used for building emergency shelter, hoisting food to keep away from wildlife, tent repair, climbing and many more.

Beanie/Stalking Cap/Touque

Beanie Kent-Klewein

Whatever the weather is, touques will keep your body warm at night. Staying warm is very important as your body will concentrate on keeping your body moving instead of generating heat.

Water/Hydration System

Everything is clear - without water you will die. You may get a carabiner hooked on yours to attach it to your pack. Hydration systems like camelbaks are perfect for day hikes and mountain biking because they provide easy water access.

Signaling Equipment

It is essential to have such equipment as signal mirror and whistles to attract attention when calling for help. Any source of light will be good to do Morse Code but a flash light is perfect for this. Matches or lighter can be used for making a signal fire. When your fire becomes big enough make sure you add some green leaves as they contain a lot of moisture in them, and will emit a lot of smoke.


Equipped with a map and a compass you will easily find your way to civilization.

Shelter Building Material

Even a tarp or large garbage bag can serve as a shelter that will keep you dry and warmer. If you are in a wilderness, finding a safe place to sleep for the night is vital.

First-aid kit

First-Aid Kit Kent-Klewein

Having first-aid kits will prevent you from various complications of the injury, such as infections or gushing blood. First-aid kits should contain gauze, bandages, alcohol cleaning wipes, gloves, and other necessary medicines.

Change of Clothing

Make sure you take at least one change of clothing with you. It's important to have extra socks. In case your shoes and socks get wet, you may get blisters. Opt for synthetic clothing as cotton clothing will take longer to dry.

Camping Pack

Camping Pack Kent-Klewein

A camping pack is a real must have as you will need to put all the essentials somewhere. It will also provide additional material for bandages, fire building, splints, etc.
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