Top 7 Fly Fishing Places in the World


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If you are willing to travel hallway around the Earth to fish in a completely uninhabited remote island, that is atoll with lots of bonefish. This Island also has a ton of game fish such as milkfish. This Island is a very popular fishing resort and if you are planning to visit this island, just know that money is not a big concern.


Ascension Bay Mexico Punta Allen Kent Klewein Ascension Bay Mexico Boat Kent Klewein Labomba Ascension Bay Mexico Kent Klewein Ascension Bay Mexico Pier Kent Klewein

Ascension Bay is known because of its potential that’s flat slim. This bay is approximately 100 miles south from Cancun. The best time to fish is from March to June. However this fishing resort is open year round. This resort serves fly fishers very well.


Queenfish Western Australia - Kent-Klewein Barracuda Western Australia - Kent-Klewein Trevallies Western Australia - Kent-Klewein Parrotfish Western Australia - Kent-Klewein

This one of the best places to fish in the southern half of Earth. This exotic resort offers many different kinds of fish such as queenfish, trevallies, bonefish, milkfish, huge parrotfish and many more fish near the shore.


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At this fishing resort, there is a ton of aggressive fish tuna and Dorado. But the most populated fish is sailfish. Sometimes you catch dozens of fish per boat a day. There is no other resort in the world that offers this much fish. If you are looking for lots of fish that you can catch yourself, then this is the place for you.


This resort offers a variety of game fish and is loved by fly fishers. This resort is located along the Atlantic Ocean. Fall and winter are great seasons to fish but cold fronts make it difficult to fish. The different types of fish include bluefish, Spanish mackerel, and pompano.


Loreto Baja CA Dorado Sea Turtle - Kent-Klewein Loreto Baja CA Fishing - Kent-Klewein Loreto Baja CA Sur Mexico - Kent-Klewein Loreto Baja CA Whale - Kent-Klewein Loreto Baja Mexico Dorado Fishing - Kent-Klewein

This resort offers lots of fish and doesn’t force you to spend too much money. This resort a dorado water action. This resort is cheap but a good place to fish. If you are a rich person, I recommend you go to a fancier resort.


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An amazing resort and has lots of different types of fish.