Top Fly-Fishing Gear

Fly fishing is a favorite pastime for many men, so sporting goods companies work had to offer quality gear that would meet all the requirements of both amateur and experienced anglers. In addition companies constantly upgrade their products enticing consumers to buy the latest rods and reels. In fact, each year a lot of great fly-fishing gear is released.

Tibor Everglades Reel Kent-Klewein Hardy Perfect Reel Kent-Klewein The Wheatley Fly Box Kent-Klewein

But unlike the computer industry fly fishing doesn't depend on the brand new gear. In fact, you can easily catch the fish of your dream and enjoy fishing with a rod that was purchased 10 years ago, or a fly box made in the previous century. The experienced angler tries to strike a balance and combines the best of the old and new.

Experts have narrowed down several timeless fly-fishing products that are just best you can buy. This iconic gear is perfect for both salt and freshwater fly fishing and while some are relatively new, others have become instant classics.

One of such great gear is the Tibor Everglades reel. Designed in 1995 by a Hungarian-born tool-and-die master Ted Juracsik the first Tibor fly fishing reel had very few moving parts. In fact, a Tibor reel consisted of just three stainless steel ball bearings, placed in anodized aluminum bar stock. Due to graphite-impregnated cork disk serving as a brake pad, the drag is made really smooth. The reels don't require cleaning ever and are sold with a lifetime warranty. The Tibor Everglades saltwater reel is ideal when fly fishing for striped bass and redfish, in particular.

Another reel worth mentioning is the Hardy Perfect reel, which appeared in 1891. Since that time the design of this reel practically hasn't changed, remaining the quintessence of the best trout reel ever made. The name the Perfect speaks for itself as the reel is a handsome gunmetal gray, with a delicate, tippet-friendly drag system.

Another old classics that is still hard to surpass is The Wheatley fly box, originally made in 1860. It still remains the best among those available for sale, looking nice with its aluminum siding and satin finish.

Now it's turn for recently released gear. In 2008 Orvis, a Vermont-based company, launched the Helios, a line of graphite rods that are ultra light and extremely responsive but still durable enough to catch big fish. The nine-foot model is just ideal for saltwater fishing.

Any angler needs comfortable and durable footwear. Recently Korkers, a fishing boot company, offered for sale a revolutionary new Guide Wading Boot with interchangeable sole system which enables the anglers to use them in any situation. These boots can easily be transformed so that you could wade with felt, rubber or studs.

When it comes to buying artificial flies consider choosing ones produced by René Harrop, a true icon in fly fishing. The House of Harrop managed to create 1,300 patterns of highly imitative innovative trout flies, each handcrafted, which guarantee the biggest catch ever.

All these products mentions above along with many other are available at Cabelas, a leader in selling the variety of gear for practically all outdoor activities, fly fishing including. When you splurge on purchasing reliable fly fishing gear it's always nice to have a chance to save. Cabelas Coupon Codes will provide you great discount when used with your online order of sporting goods at Cabelas.